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Sense Rooftop Bar- релаксираща атмосфера, уникална просторна тераса, безкрайно усещане за небе и звезди, заедно с първокласни спиртни напитки и колекция от вина и вкусни кулинарни акценти
Sense Hotel Sofia 8th Birthday

tothetopwithaj @Sense Rooftop Bar

One Espresso Martini a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away
tothetopwithaj @Sense Rooftop Bar

kristian_kostov_official @Sense Hotel Sofia

Thank you @sensehotelsofia for letting me stay at now my favourite place in Sofia!

Еgorsharay @Sense Gastro Bar

Your senses will be spoilt with only the very best.

annasherchand @Sense Spa Sofia

What a treat. Thanks for pampering me. Don't forget to check them out for more info
annasherchand @Sense Spa Sofia

Hello Women’s Day! Tanya Strings @Sense Rooftop Party

Let’s Dance the Night Away and Drink Champagne
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